Have you been thinking about getting in touch with a psychic for a reading? Not sure what to expect? Here at Gail Keenan, we have put together a few things to bear in mind when you come to us for your first reading. We understand you might be nervous or uneasy about having a reading done, but we are on hand to make you feel at ease and to make sure you understand the process before your reading takes place. 

Over the years it has been debated how unpredictable readings can be and whether they make you uncomfortable, but we like to put our clients at ease and make you feel comfortable at all times. Not only does this make your experience better but it also makes the reading more accurate. Our readers here at Gail Keenan have come up with a few things to expect on your first visit. 

Friendly Atmosphere

You will find, whether you visit a psychic in person or have a telephone reading, a friendly voice will always be on the other side. We understand that people who come to see us tend to be grieving or scared and confused, it is the fear of the unknown, but our friendly team will always do our best to put you at ease. 

You will always be welcomed with open arms and a gentle conversation to start the reading, the aim is to try and get you to relax as much as possible. We know you might be searching for answers but by relaxing and settling into the reading you may just get more out of it. Once you have met your psychic they will break through your anxiety and worry with some ice breakers, getting a feel for you and what you are hoping to get from the session, during this time we find most people begin to relax and remember why they have come for a reading.

You May Not Get What You Are Searching For First Time

The first time you have a reading done you may not get the answers you are searching for or even hoping for in some instances. It can be complicated getting through all the stress and worry enough to get a real connection. Some clients speak to psychic’s expecting them to be able to tell you your whole life as soon as you sit down but that simply isn’t the case. 

When you are nervous, worried or excited depending on what it is you are searching for, it can be difficult for the psychic to fight through all the different visions and vibes you are giving off. Remember it is not an exact science. Accurate reading may take a few sessions, this is because of the connection needed to read what they see and also around what is happening in your day to day life, it can be a lot of busyness to start with.

It’s Okay To Not Connect Every Time

Some people may not realise but when you come to see a psychic you will be asked personal questions, this is because you have gone for a reading to get a deeper understanding of yourself or to find out answers to specifics, usually trauma or life-changing experience. 

It may seem strange when they ask in-depth personal questions but this is simply to guide their search, help you get answers you need and build a connection with you. It is a mixture of needing to understand who you are as a person as well as understanding the readings they are getting, like picking through a book and finding the page that is relevant to you.

Ask Questions, It Will Helps 

It sounds funny but psychics are mind readers that can’t directly read your mind, if you have contacted a psychic for a specific reason, speak to them and ask direct questions, this will give direction to your session. You might be desperate to find out if your new partner is the right person for you or you might need to know if the new job you just took will be good for you. If this is the type of thing you are after, ask the questions you need. 

By asking questions you are able to direct your psychic to the areas you want questions answering in, this gives them a chance to try and cut through the noise to give you more specific answers. It doesn’t always work, but working together to try and get the visions you need will make your sessions more enjoyable and also informative.

Contact Gail Keenan For More Today 

If you would like more information on what to expect from visiting a psychic for reading or having a telephone reading, you can contact us, Gail Keenan, they will be more than happy to discuss the sessions and what to expect. This is also great if you have any questions or queries for a professional before you purchase a session. The thought of having a reading done could be daunting, but try not to worry, psychics are experts at making you feel comfortable.