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At Gail Keenan, our psychic team our psychic team is caring and provides readings that can offer you accurate and sincere spiritual guidance. We provide a 24-hour premium rate psychic reading service. Our psychic mediums use different techniques in their readings, we have some psychic mediums who may use crystals and psychology to aid their abilities. For more information on the psychic readings we provide in the UK, contact Gail Keenan today

Online Psychic Readings UK

If you’re looking for the ‘best psychic reading UK’, our team includes only the most gifted and credible practising psychic readers, call our team today, we’re professional and will always be waiting for your call. 

Psychic Text Readings UK

You can contact our psychics directly through our psychic text services, whether it’s ‘fortune teller text’, or some specific answers or guidance that you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. You can text one of our psychics, anytime, any day. 

Telephone Psychic Readings

We offer live psychic phone readings that typically last half an hour, the reading can take on many different forms, this will depend on the type of reading that you request. Our telephone psychic medium readings are all genuine, you can trust the team at Gail Keenan.

The Best Online Psychic Readings UK

At Gail Keenan you’ll have access to the best psychic hotline in the UK, whenever you want to be closer to those who are longer with us. The genuine psychic reading that we provide offers comforting messages from the spirit world and have helped a number of our clients. We’re home to a professional team of psychics and tarot readers who are considered to be some of the most accurate psychic readers in the country. For more information on the psychic reading or tarot readings that we provide online, give the team at Gail Keenan a call today, we can answer any questions that you may have and help to empower your life through a psychic reading.

What People Are Saying

Genuine Psychic Readings

We aim to provide you with the most reliable and informative psychic readings, we offer our services across the UK. With a team of experienced and gifted psychic tellers and mediums, we can advise you, so whatever your problems, questions or issues, at Gail Keenan we’ll unlock your future and provide you with experienced psychics and that can provide answers and guidance. With every one of our psychic readings, we strive to provide perfection and will provide you with a clear insight and help to enlighten your life.

Trusted and Authentic Psychics

At Gail Keenan , we are blessed with a truly fantastic team of psychic readers, all of whom strive for perfection with every single one of the services that we offer. We’re known for providing the best online psychics in the UK and this is one of the main reasons why we firmly believe that we should be your first port of call for psychic reading UK. Our team of psychics cover everything including love and relationships, their spiritual ability will cover a range of areas, ensuring that you get the answers that you’re looking for. When looking for ‘psychic hotline UK’, call Gail Keenan today!

Best Psychics UK

At Gail Keenan Psychics, we are proud to offer customers a professional and trusted psychic service. For a number of years we have provided customers with top quality and affordable readings, we now have an outstanding reputation for providing the top psychic reading in the UK. Our professional, friendly and reliable team of psychics are known for their abilities when it comes to reading the past, present and future with the ability to link with the spirit world and connect with your loved ones who have passed over. Our team of top psychics can give you reassurance through the readings and can translate and interpret messages and guidance from spirits and loved ones who are in the spirit world. We really are the place for the top psychics UK.

When you choose Gail Keenan you will have access to the very best psychics in the UK, our genuine readings provide comforting messages from the spirit world and have helped many of our clients to become stronger and happier. We’re home to a professional team who are considered to be some of the most accurate psychics in the country. For more information and the top psychic reading online, give our team a call today.


Accurate Psychics UK

We have provided customers across the UK with quality and accurate psychic reading for a number of years now and we are well known for providing individuals with some of the best psychic reading. It goes without saying that our reputation is second to none and as always we have a team of professional psychics on hand to answer your questions, giving you complete peace of mind, 24/7 no matter if it’s night or day we are always here to take your call. Our fast and accurate readings are known for providing users with answers they desire, whether you are looking for spiritual guidance or want to ask a question about love, you can trust that the team at Gail Keenan can provide you with an in depth reading that will give you some peace of mind. So if you are in search of accurate and genuine psychics then be sure to get in touch with the team at Gail Keenan today.

Recommended Psychics

If you are searching online for a psychic reading, you will want to use a company like ours. With our 5* psychic readings you won’t be disappointed with the answers that you receive. Our dedicated team of highly experienced psychics are always here to help you 24/7 whether you are looking for answers to a specific question or simply want some spiritual guidance, you can have complete peace of mind that when you pick up the phone to Gail Keenan you will be speaking to an experienced psychic. For a number of years we have provided customers across the UK with quality and genuine readings for a number of years now, there is simply nowhere else to look.


Love Psychics UK

In our years of experience the most common answer people are in search of is that of love or relationships, while already in our hearts you may require some extra guidance that one of our trusted psychics can provide you with. You can search for new experiences every time you do something that takes you outside of your comfort zone, psychic love readings can help you to expand your awareness and attract something new.

From new people to new opportunities and new loves, our psychic readers can suggest a number of things and if you choose to take their guidance, you never know where it may lead. When you choose to seek love and relationship guidance with a love reading from Gail Keenan, you can contact us any day, any time, from anywhere. Whether you are at home or on the move, don’t hesitate to make us your first port of call for the best love readings available.

Psychic Hotline UK

Our psychic hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can be rest assured that no matter what time you need to speak to someone, you will be able to speak to one of our trusted hotline psychics. All you simply have to do is call one of our team of professional psychics today, when you choose Gail Keenan for hotline psychics UK you can be rest assured that you won’t be left speaking to an automated service. Our team understands how important it is for you to speak with someone directly no matter if you are in search of a psychic hotline, we have you covered.

Our psychic hotline can cover various topics and questions which you may have including questions about finances, careers, relationships and many more. Our psychic reading service is aimed to give our customers the most reliable and dependable psychic hotline readings, we are confident that you won’t be disappointed with the service we provide.


Best Mediums UK

Our team of authentic psychic mediums welcomes you to our spiritual community. Our psychic mediums can provide readings that offer support regarding your life and future, the readings can advise you on the most beneficial path to take in your future. The medium readings will cover the reader seeing or hearing things through spiritualism, you should feel a good connection with the medium and they’ll also make sure that it gives you enough space to ensure that your reading is conveyed fully to you.

Our team is compassionate and understanding, they know that the gift they have is an open door for the living to connect with their loved ones in the afterlife and also one that they must use in a sensitive and loving way. For psychic reading be sure to get in touch with Gail Keenan today.

Genuine Psychic Mediums

A genuine reading from a psychic medium online is a great opportunity to connect with your loved ones who have passed over, our medium team can ask anything specific that you’d like to know. If you would like the spiritual medium reading to communicate with a loved one, then if you let them know, they can try to link you with that person straight away. At Gail Keenan, our mediums can’t guarantee that a loved one will come through, but they will try their utmost to get the connection that you’re looking for.

All of the medium readings that we offer are authentic, and our team will be able to pass on any messages that you may have, to your loved one. Our mediums tune into the energy of people or objects by feeling or sensing elements of their past, present and future. Our team will use their intuition and psychic ability to gather information for the person being read, they’ll also use their spirit energy to ensure the best reading possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Psychic readings have been around for many years now, and have been a part of different cultures and societies in various ways.  With so many different types of psychic readings available it can be confusing, that is why our team is here to guide you. In short, psychic readings are a way to understand yourself more and the opportunities available to you in the future.  An experienced psychic will be able to pick up connections from you and explain what they mean for you, your past will be looked at to give an insight into your future.

The way to get the best psychic reading would be to focus on the information that you are trying to obtain and give the reader a small amount of information to allow the reading to flow.
A general psychic reading is a reading that does not focus on a specific aspect of your life.
Email psychic readings can be very accurate considering the reader does not have much input from the client, in person, at the time that the reading takes place.

Psychic readings tell you a lot about your situation, the outcomes of a situation and some future events.

Psychics readings from the team at Gail Keenan Psychics should provide you with a good sense of what the path ahead and your future looks like.  However we should be clear, that a psychic reading does not predict the future so come into the call with an open mind. The reading will be led by our psychic reader and most of the talking will be done by the psychic.  You may be asked to confirm certain parts of your past so the psychic ensures the right information is connected. You should remember that the future and what happens going forward is not set in stone, so our psychic readers will never tell you that something is definite.

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