Tarot cards are a deck of cards that can predict the future. They were initially designed to help people make decisions about their lives, but they have evolved into something much more than that. Tarot decks come in different shapes and sizes, with 78 or even 136 cards in each deck. The 22 Major Arcana cards on tarot decks represent universal archetypes from our collective unconscious – these are potent symbols for self-discovery and understanding oneself better.

Our team here at Gail Keenan have put together this blog post so you can learn the history of Tarot cards and also find out more information about how they are used.

Where did Tarot cards come from?

Jean-Baptise Alliette, a French occultist, is writing under the pseudonym Etteilla is credited for creating what some consider to be the first tarot deck explicitly made for divination purposes. In his treatise on using Tarots to foretell future events, he also provides readers with various methods to obtain more accurate readings from their personalised spreadsheets or charts. He was not only an influential figure within modern-day Witchery but had significant influence over other areas such as cartography and architecture.

What do Tarot cards do?

The Tarot cards are more than just ink on paper; they hold a story that can be read to provide insight into your life. The seventy-eight images represent different lessons we need to learn to live an inspired lifestyle, like when you consult with yourself by holding up this mirror, so it shows what’s inside of us–our subconscious mind!.

When it comes to reading with a tarot deck, you want intuition and inner power instead of predictions about what may happen in your future. The imagery on each card gives instant access into our subconscious mind, which can lead us down paths towards making positive changes now, so we create an ideal life or manifest goals faster than ever before!

Making the connection

The Tarot cards create an instant connection to our subconscious minds so we can access the inner wisdom of our Higher Self. And from there, through concentration and meditation in which you may be shocked by what is revealed about yourself or life’s path ahead – take action!.

Sometimes we already know all this information from somewhere else; then again, maybe not! So when receiving one clairvoyant glance at life through these symbols—it could give affirmation for everything that has been learned before-or shock waves leading towards discoveries ̶to suddenly feel empowered as though taking action straight away.

Tapping into the universal consciousness

The tarot cards are a tool for accessing your inner wisdom and universal consciousness. They can help you tap into the collective mind, or “unconscious”, as some would call it–a sort-of supercharged version that exists beyond individual mindsets.

The question isn’t so much whether we’re connected to something greater than ourselves; rather, what this Something Greater could be if our conscious efforts led us down all sorts of different paths within themselves? We might discover an unknown depth in self-discovery by touching upon various systems (including astrology) while still relying heavily on gut instinct during decision-making processes.

How to read Tarot cards

Tarot cards are an excellent tool for anyone looking to learn more about themselves and their day. They can be used in many ways, such as pulling one card each morning that will guide you through the rest of your busy schedule without fail or advising someone else who doesn’t know how best to use this awesomely powerful tool – all while shedding light on what’s happening within yourself at any given moment!

A three-card spread is a widespread way to read tarot. It’s also known as “the minor arcana,” which refers to when people would use just three packs while playing cards. Still, more importantly, it signifies what you are looking at when reading: minuscule thoughts or ideas that may seem insignificant on their own but together tell an important story about your life situation at this moment – maybe even one predicting something happen soon?

Benefits of Tarot card reading

Tarot card reading has been an excellent tool for me to focus on my areas of improvement. I thought that no one could be perfect, but with tarot, it’s possible, and anyone can achieve perfection! Tarots are cards that hold many different emotions depending upon what they say about you- both good or bad (in some cases). However, this shouldn’t stop us from improving ourselves even more by learning how we may have made mistakes in life before so as not to repeat them.

A tarot card reading can help you find inner peace by overcoming feelings of anxiousness, worry, and fear. It helps overcome struggles to attain the sense they are looking for: Peace.

In today’s fast-paced world, high-stress levels are always hard to stay positive. If your thoughts keep going over adverse events or how others treat us, then I recommend getting a tarot card reading.

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Tarot cards are a deck of 78 cards, each meaning and significance. They’re often used as an oracle to answer questions about the future. They can help you access your inner wisdom and connect with the collective mind. Tarot readings can help you find peace and overcome anxiety, worry, and fear. If you’re looking for guidance in your life, tarot cards may be the right tool for you.

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