Do you want to know what the future has in store for you? Are you looking for a way to tap into your psychic abilities and become a clairvoyant? Our team here at Gail Keenan Psychics are going to share with you some ways that can help. Doing readings is one of the easiest ways to start developing your powers as a clairvoyant. Trying your hand at divination is a great way to open your mind up to the unexplained and the unusual. 

These practices will hone your intuition, strengthen your mind-reading skills, and increase your ability to see any patterns between past events and possible futures. It is possible to open your mind to being clairvoyant; you need to tap into the right abilities to learn your skillset. To find out more, keep reading our latest blog post, or you can call our team if you have any questions or queries. Our team are always more than happy to help any budding minds!

Have You Practiced Visualisation?

One paramount ability of a clairvoyant is to tap into solid visualisation abilities; the more you can practice visualising, the more likely you are to open your mind to clairvoyance. Keep in mind when we talk about visualising and ‘seeing.’ we are talking about tapping into the third eye, the Chakra located between your eyebrows. 

Visions are images and moving pictures in your head that allows you to determine what is potentially going to happen or understand what has previously happened and get a historical account. The best way to practice visualising and focusing on your third eye is by spending a few minutes every day, visual images, pictures and stories in your mind’s eye; it is an excellent way of connecting to your inner self and Chakra. Clairvoyants use the art of visualisation and the third eye daily; allowing yourself the chance to practice will only help you in the future.

Try Working With Crystals

Do you own any crystals? Hear us out before you dismiss the idea that crystals are one of the best ways to help open your third eye; your Chakra will respond to the energy and power that crystals give off; you need to work with them to find the right ones that your mind will respond to. Lying with your crystals on your forehead whilst you sleep one of the best ways we can recommend for accepting the energy and opening your third eye. 

Another way is to carry them around in your pocket; this will remind you to work on your clairvoyant abilities throughout the day. Perfect for when you are just starting. The two best crystals we can recommend are amethyst and fluorite; these have the best abilities to open the third eye and Charka.

Do You Experience Vivid Dreams?

Have you ever woken up from a nights sleep and felt you had had a dream that felt more real than real life? This is more than likely a vision than a dream; clairvoyants regularly experience dreams that feel incredibly real; instead of shrugging dreams off as random events, you should think about them and work to understand them. The best way to do this is to keep a dream journal; you can write down dreams that you experience, find patterns and recurring dreams, and learn what triggers them. 

Dreams are important because they are the best ways our spirit guides and loved ones can communicate with us; a dream is an open channel they can access. When you sleep, your rational mind rests whilst your subconscious is free to run wild with the spirits; letting this happen is an important way of opening up your third eye to being clairvoyant.

Relax Into A Meditative State

Meditation is one of the essential practices when trying to tap into your clairvoyant abilities. Meditation clears your mind and helps your third eye focus on different messages trying to come to you through visions and dreams, allowing you to take a step back from your logical mind and focus on the clairvoyant state you are trying to reach. 

Meditation allows your mind to open up to the vast range of possibilities within clairvoyance; all it takes is a few minutes a day to sit back and focus on your breathing and thought patterns. The best way to practice meditation is to sit back, close your eyes and focus solely on your breathing; once you feel your breathing has relaxed and settled into a steady rhythm, visualise your loved ones face. 

Imagine their dimples, wrinkles and also imagine their laugh; by doing so, you are connecting with your loved one on a clairvoyant level. Allowing your mind to remember and allow memories to flood your third eye will only help open it to a world of possibilities. 

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 In this article, we’ve discussed four ways you can try becoming a clairvoyant. However, there are many more ways to develop your intuition and psychic skills. Our team here at Gail Keenan encourages you to explore our website’s resources for additional information about discovering what is best for YOU! That is how you find the proper practices that work for you; every clairvoyant is different, you need to take the time to focus on your specific needs and requirements and what your third eye responds to. 

If any of these methods have piqued your interest, or if you want help with establishing your path, please get in touch with me today. Let’s get started right away so that together we can begin exploring all of the beautiful possibilities out there, just waiting for us to find them! Imagine discussing the past or even the future with a loved one through clairvoyance; all you need to do is put some time into finding the right processes for you; opening your third eye won’t be easy. Still, the rewards you will be gifted with at the end will be worth it, we promise!