Psychics are people who have the gift to see, feel, sense, hear or taste and have an intuition that reaches beyond the boundaries of the physical world. Their senses are finely tuned to pick up many things that the average person would never be able to sense.

Psychic readers mainly use tools such as tarot cards, runes, the crystal ball, pendulum and tarot cards, to allow them to tune in with people, situations and energies, when carrying out a psychic reading.

Some psychic mediums will use a Séance to communicate with people who have passed over to the other side. The séance will require many energies to link up in order to bring any spirit through that wishes to communicate with someone who is sitting at the table during the séance.

Some ways a psychic may gain information is through visions or feelings. This is a common way that a psychic medium would carry out their work when working on a platform at a Spiritualist Church.

A psychic can also gain valuable insight via Aura readings, Palm readings, Psychometry and Runestones.

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