It’s common to wonder how soon after a loved one passes you can communicate with them. Sometimes people worry that they’re just imagining it, or that the person is gone forever and there’s no point in trying. The truth is, everyone will have different experiences when it comes to communicating with their loved ones who’ve passed- some people may be able to feel their presence immediately while others might not pick up on any signs for months. Communication can happen through dreams, intuition or other senses like the smell (loved ones often smell like flowers), sound (they sometimes show up as muses), or physical touch (you may feel a hand on your shoulder).

What are the Most Common Signs Someone is trying to Reach from the Spirit World? 

Spirit works with energy, so if the vibration is right, you are open and there is an opportunity to communicate. To take advantage of this openness from spirits we should be strong in our faith when communicating through music or any other form that operates on vibrational frequencies. It’s common for us to have a client say that they heard a song between the time their loved one passed away and the news about them passing which meant something significant to them. 

The smell of fresh-baked cookies, the sound of a loved one’s voice and flickering lights are just some signs that Spirit is trying to communicate with you. Visitation dreams can be rare but they happen when there is an energetic connection between two people along with perfect dream state conditions. When someone does have their deceased loved ones visit them in a vision it’s like getting blessed from above by heaven!

Is there a Time Period when they are More Likely to Get in Touch? 

We can connect to a spirit within the first 24-48 hours after they pass. After this, their soul enters what we know as the ‘Healing Chambers’ where it transitions from attachment to its physical body and lifetime before moving into an energy form that is spiritual in nature; all of which happens without any set time frame attached to it depending on individual needs for detachment.

In our experience, we believe it takes on average 7 days – 12 weeks before a person who has died becomes open to receiving energy from the living. When they attempt to connect, the most common times are during anniversaries of death or significant events like birthdays or weddings. This can be tough because your electro-magnetic field at this time is more susceptible due in part to thoughts about them which makes you an easier target for their energies and spirits. 

If I Receive a Message but Feel Anxious, What is the Best Way to Handle It? 

It’s understandable for some people to get a little scared or worried when it comes to communicating with Spirit. However, it’s very rare for it to be dangerous.  If you receive a message from Spirit but feel anxious, try this:

– Ask for confirmation (i.e.: “Is that really you?” or “What is your name again?”)

– Receive the information in a nonjudgmental way 

– Don’t let fear stop it from happening 

– Trust what comes through to be either true or false and ask questions about anything else needed. If there are no answers, just trust that they’re doing their best to come through something meaningful. Not everything needs an explanation.

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